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Covid-19 Risk Assessment

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Covid-19 Testing Procedure in the academy.

If any student or member of staff receives a positive coronavirus test result, please contact the following directly as a matter of urgency, regardless of whether it is during or outside of academy hours:

Mr A Fitzgibbon
[email protected]


Mrs N James
[email protected]
Tel: (01782) 883371

Useful phone numbers:
Local Health Protection Team – 0344 225 3560
DfE Coronavirus Helpline – 0800 046 8687

Many thanks for your co-operation.

Follow this link to student Home Learning information


Guidance having been contacted by Test and Trace process.

Covid 19 Flow Chart- NHS Test and Trace Process

Guidance for individuals exhibiting symptoms.

Covid 19 Flow Chart – Individual Exhibiting Symptoms

When to self isolate

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment – Covid 19 Academies September 2020

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