• Given the limited engagement with the consultation we have concluded that there is no substantial opposition to the closure of the sixth form and this has been confirmed after speaking more informally with a range of parents, carers, students and the wider community about the proposals.
  • We welcome suggestions made by respondents on actions that could be taken to ensure the future viability of the sixth form, however these have all previously been discussed by the academy’s leaders, the Board of Governors and OAT, and indeed in some cases implemented, with little or no material impact on our ability to attract students.
  • Other options suggested such as developing a new shared site with another Sixth Form would not be financially viable or practical at this stage.
  • We recognise that some parents, carers and students would be disappointed if the Sixth Form was to close, however we would work hard to address the concerns of individual students, parents and carers and to ensure that they have the support they need should the sixth form close.
  • We already provide high-quality careers information, advice and guidance support and work hard to ensure that students understand their options for post-16 study. We also already have strong links with other local Post-16 providers. We would look to build on these links further, to ensure that all students have the support and information they need to make the best possible choices for the next steps of their education beyond OHA.


Following feedback and discussion of the consultation responses, the Board of Governors made the following change to the policy:

The academy will not recruit new sixth form students in September 2018. This will mean that the Sixth Form would close when the current Year 12 students complete their studies in August 2019.  This will allow OHA to focus on improving outcomes for Years Seven to 11 and providing an excellent education to our students.

It has therefore been approved and adopted by OHA Board of Governors, Ormiston Academy Trust Board, and has been shared with the Local Authority and will be published on the website on 26th March 2018.

The academy will now begin the significant change application with the DfE for Ormiston Horizon Academy.

The Principal and Governing Body would like to express their thanks to those who took part in the consultation process.

OHA 6th Form Consultation Document RESPONSE March 2018