students posing in army vehicle

You’re in the army now

Posted on May 16, 2018

Eleven of our year 8 students were invited along to Swynnerton Army Barracks by the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (REME for short) to take part in seven engineering experiences and challenges.

First on the list was a demonstration of a light artillery gun and a background talk on the physics of how to drop a shell just where you want it to go. Next the students were given the chance to operate a 40 tonne £250,000 mobile recovery crane, which can pick up to 60 tonnes in one go!

There was a chance to climb in a Jackal APC (that’s Armoured Personnel Carrier to you and I) The chance to get their hands on some spanners and screwdrivers followed when the students were given a challenge to build and race a go-cart in the quickest possible time.

Finally the chance to look around and tinker with aeroplane engines and operating robotic arms and building self-supporting towers using straws and paper!

Out of the six schools that attended, our year 8 team came second overall, losing by one point to Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy (all the other school teams were in year 9 or above!)

A great day that was enjoyed by everyone who attended.

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