morecambe bay view

Year 11 Geography field trip

Posted on December 6, 2017

The geography department went on an educational visit to sunny Morecambe bay to complete some fieldwork activities on the coastal defences used by Morecambe to protect property and its vital tourist industry from the sea. The group also investigated the quality of housing in the area and completed an environmental quality survey.

Travel sickness affected a few on the trip, and when we arrived in Morecambe there was very little of the beach to be seen as the tide was very much in! Consequently we braved the elements of the freezing temperatures and constant drizzle to complete our residential survey first of all and waited for the tide to retreat in order to complete a beach profile.

Spirits were high once a Subway and Burger King had been spotted, and when the group had refuelled we were back outside with the tape measures, clipboards and clinometers.

The completion of fieldwork is an important part of being a geographer and it was fantastic to see students getting their hands dirty and their feet covered in sand (although the coach driver may not be of the same opinion).

Miss Duggan, Mr. Denker and Mr Cooper were in attendance and helped to co-ordinate the activities. Mr Lethaby was capturing the day on camera.

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