Peter Murray

Peter Murray, Chairman of Ormiston Trust

Ormiston Trust is proud to be the sponsor of Ormiston Horizon Academy.

With a growing reputation as an organisation that can bring a wide range of experience to education we are delighted with this partnership. Working as a team we will do all we can to assist Ormiston Horizon Academy to become a fully developed extended school involving students, parents and the wider community.

Our vision of this is that it can happen through exciting programmes which, when integrated into the academy development plan will further enhance academic achievement, attendance, reputation and positive relationships. We will help build upon the knowledge, understanding and skills of the staff, linked professionals, families and students at Ormiston Horizon Academy and keep evolving the process.

All of my life I have cared passionately about providing the very best learning opportunities for young people and strongly believe that children should be empowered to maximise their potential through the removal of barriers to learning. Everyone at Ormiston Horizon Academy shares these beliefs and together we will ensure that it is a safe place, that it engages with the local community, includes parents, business and other schools and colleges and most importantly gives our children the very best environment to learn and enjoy.

Finally, you have my commitment as sponsor that I will work tirelessly to ensure the success of Ormiston Horizon Academy. I know that you will come to share my belief that Ormiston Horizon Academy is an exceptional place to learn in irrespective of your age or ability; we have much to offer.

I look forward to working with you in the forthcoming years.

Peter Murray, Chairman of Ormiston Trust.

All Ormiston academies have:

  • improved attendance figures with the majority being above the national average
  • improved 5 A*–C, with English and mathematics GCSE results to well above the National Challenge threshold
  • improved 5+A*–C performance to significantly above national averages